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Judaica mezuzah light turquoise floral

Judaica mezuzah light turquoise floral

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Handmade in Israel nMezuzah Case

nGreat house warming or birthday gift! n nHandmade Polymer Clay Judaica Mezuzah Case With Light Turquoise Floral pattern that is for a 10 cm. scroll. n nPlease note: This is a Mezuzah case only and does not include a Mezuzah scroll, Klaf, which can be purchased at your local synagogue, Chabad, or online. n nSince I make each one by hand, they can be ordered for the size you that you prefer for a larger scroll. You can also choose what color "Shin-ש" you want- Gold or Silver. n nAdditional note: This pattern is a limited edition- and is produced from a "cane". I use slices that are handmade by me. I can never make two identical canes and so the exact pattern may not be the same. I will always try to use the same colors as in photos. nThis is an example of a cane similar to what I used here: n nMounting Instructions: You can hang the Mezuzah case with screws (I can drill holes), or I can add a strong 3M double sided adhesive tape, please let me know what you prefer. nFree shipping nMay take up to 2 weeks before shipping. n nDimensions of Mezuzah nHeight: 16 cm. nWidth: 3 1/2 cm. nDepth: 2 1/2 cm. n n 

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